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The Opportunity Clinic is for ALL Young Adults.

The Opportunity Clinic is a restorative justice program for ALL young adults who have been cited for possession and/or consumption of alcohol or other drugs.

Deters You From Future Offenses.

Educates, Engages, Empowers & Encourages participants to step back and reflect on the lessons learned. In turn, deterring from future offenses.

Turning “Problems” Into Learning Opportunities.

Encourages participants to take accountability and responsibility for their choices and the impact and the harm associated.

  • Turning “Poor Choices” into Positive Growth Experiences
  • 24/7 On-Demand Interactive Videos & Simple Questions To Answer
  • 1 Reviewable & Then Downloadable Certificate of Completion
  • Flat Fee of $49 – Allows For Unlimited Login & Access For 30 Days – Complete At Your Own Pace